About Shri Lallan R. Tiwari Teacher Training Institute

Shree Rahul Education Society, Smt. K.L.T Education Society, J.S. Education Society, Shree Bhavani Education Society and Krishna Education Society in Bhayander, are premier Trusts devoted to the cause of education. From the early nineties till date, they have established schools and Jr. Colleges all over the townships of the Western suburbs, where a significant proportion of Mumbai's migrant population now reside. The Trusts aim at providing quality education to the areas large populace, who otherwise lack good and affordable education for children and teenagers.

Shree Rahul Education Society (Registration no. F-3233 of 09.09.1992/Maha/129-92/Thane of 25.06.1992) is by far the flagship in the educational trusts set up by the Group. Formed in 1992, the Trust is headed by the dynamic and versatile Shri L.R. Tiwari. top replica watches